No time like the present…

to create the future

culture and creativity have been the cement that binds together not only hearts and souls, but entire societies and nations
— Cultural Times

The arts funding landscape remains tough and unpredictable with less and less funds available and greater pressures on all aspects of public funding. Yet, this is why, more than ever, it’s important for artists to be given the chance to flourish. Arts and culture are undeniably, one of the best ways to bring communities together.

We are currently on the look out for individuals or organisations who would be interested in helping us to provide for Swallowsfeet’s future.

If you are able to donate, 100% goes towards The Creation Fund: producing OOPS Festival and supporting the development of outstanding independent artists.


Simply donate whatever you are able to and support the costs of this year festival.

We will credit your name and support on our programme and you will receive a special thank you message from the Swallowsfeet collective.


Donations between £50-£500

Donate to the Future Fund which funds high quality photographers/videographers capturing the 2019 edition for our archive, creating a vital resource to demonstrate our success to others thus opening more doors in the future. Providing featured artists with high quality footage of their performances (for free) is a rarity in our experience, and an element we are committed to. We will credit your name and support on the footage created and you will receive a special thank you from the Swallowsfeet collective.


Donations between £500-£1500. 
Sponsorships* £1500+

Your donation will go directly towards funding an artist from our programme. We will give you an preview of our Festival programme and the artists involved prior to public announcements. You will receive a special thank you from the Swallowsfeet collective, complimentary tickets to the festival and an invitation to our private brochure launch. 

We will credit your name and support for the artist’s work on our brochure, unless you wish to remain anonymous. 

*If your business is interested in connecting with OOPS Festival and becoming a sponsor, please get in touch with us here.

We are exceptionally grateful for the kind and generous support from all of our existing sponsors, partners and supporters.
Thank you for keeping us growing, keeping us moving, keeping us inspired.